How To Properly Measure Your Window Well Covers
How To Properly Measure Your Window Well Covers

Window wells bring sunlight in while providing a way out. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, but when you install a cover, they require even less. Before you buy and slap on a cheap plastic cover, consider whether a more permanent and durable fix might be better. But before you do that, get all the information you need to have a professional install heavy-duty window well covers or to do it yourself. Either way, here’s how to properly measure your window well covers for the perfect fit.

Measure Twice, Then Again

The main rule of carpentry is to measure twice and cut once. It’s the same with window well covers. Even though they come in assorted standard sizes and shapes, accurate measurements are necessary. Take time with your tape measure to get an accurate reading and double-check your results. There’s nothing more frustrating than picking up a new window well cover—even the cheaper standardized kind—and slapping it on to discover it’s a hair too short or long. Take your measurements carefully and consider confirming them with someone else.

What and How To Measure

Begin by measuring your window well in the usual manner and dimensions. Use the tape measure to measure both the front and back of the window well. Start with the width, marking off the longest part of the well that runs along the house’s foundation, whether it’s a square, rectangle, or half circle. Now measure the length from the house to the point on the well wall’s furthest edge (especially in the case of a rounded well). Be sure to jot all these figures down or ask someone to do so while you’re doing it! Next, mark off a space about four to six inches on either side of the well on the house’s edge. You may need to attach hardware to secure the cover, and this will let you know if there’s enough room. Keep in mind that you’ll need about one inch of overhang around the outside edge of the well, too.

Keep It Simple, but Not Too Simple

Don’t try to eyeball a measurement or gauge it by measuring a space with your outstretched hands. Avoid frustration and strive for perfect accuracy. If you lack a tape measure (though you really should pick up one at the hardware or general store for everyday purposes), some experts recommend taking a large sheet of cardboard, placing it on top of the window well edge, and cutting or pressing the shape of the well wall into the cardboard. It’s crude, but should provide an accurate measurement of your window well.

Move on To the Next One

Now that you know how to properly measure your window well covers, do all the above steps for each one if you have more than one window well. They should be similar—but leave nothing to chance. Of course, the simplest way to fit a window well is to call in an expert for a measure and quote.


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