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Purchasing a basement egress kit will provide you will all of the items you need to turn your basement into an egress compliant living area. Our kits provide IRC code-compliant items that meet or exceed the minimum requirements for window wells (minimum projection of 36"), window well covers (polycarbonate or metal grate), and ladder. Protect your family and ensure that your basement is up to code.

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An egress window is a basement window that is large enough to provide a safe and easy escape route in the event of an emergency. Egress windows are required by law in many areas, and they are a wise investment for any homeowner.

Window Well Supply offers a variety of egress kits to make it easy and affordable to add an egress window to your home. Our egress kits include everything you need, including the window, well, cover, and ladder.

Benefits of Window Well Supply Egress Kits

There are many benefits to using a Window Well Supply egress kit, including:

  • Affordability: Our egress kits are very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of hiring a contractor to install an egress window.
  • Durability: Our egress kits are made from high-quality materials that are built to last.
  • Safety: Our egress kits meet all safety standards and are egress compliant.

Choosing the Right Window Well Supply Egress Kit

When choosing a Window Well Supply egress kit, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Make sure to choose a kit that includes a window and well that are the right size for your basement window.
  • Material: Choose a kit that is made from durable materials that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and cracking.
  • Design: Choose a kit that has a design that matches the style of your home.
  • Budget: Choose a kit that fits your budget.

Here are some additional benefits of using a Window Well Supply egress kit:

  • Increased property value: A home with an egress window is more valuable than a home without one.
  • Added safety: An egress window provides a safe and easy escape route in the event of an emergency.
  • Improved ventilation: An egress window allows for natural light and ventilation to enter your basement.

If you are considering adding an egress window to your home, then a Window Well Supply egress kit is the perfect solution for you. Our kits are affordable, easy to install, and made from high-quality materials. Contact us today to learn more about our egress kits or to place an order.