If you’re looking for a solution to your open window wells, Window Well Supply has you covered with endless options to fit your needs. To help you through every step of the way, we can show you how to install window well covers.

Even before you can take the first step in installing your new window well covers, you need to purchase a window well cover made exactly to fit your particular well. To help with this, we carry many of the popular sizes of well covers in both sloped and flat styles. If you have a specialty window well cover that doesn’t use typical dimensions, we also offer to build you custom well covers to make sure you stay safe. If you are unsure about the cover to choose, we can help with that as well. Simply send us a request for a free estimate by including the dimensions of your well, and we’ll get back to you with the lowest prices available for our window well cover solutions.

A short time after purchasing your new cover, you should have received your new cover and are ready to learn how to install window well covers. The design of our covers is very simplistic, helping to relieve any stress that might be caused by a confusing well cover. Simply mark the locations your mounting clips will be installed, make sure these marks are even throughout the cover, and then drill a hole at these marked locations. Then attach your mounting brackets for each mounting hole. Once the clips have been attached, simply press the cover down on your well until each bracket snaps into place. Our simple process means no headaches when trying to figure out your installation.

For more information on how to install window well covers, get in touch with the professionals at Window Well Supply today. We’re here every step of the way to ensure the window well covers you order are the perfect solution for your wells.