3 Ways To Keep Weeds From Growing In Your Window Well

March 7, 2022

3 Ways To Keep Weeds From Growing In Your Window Well

Your home's basement window wells do lots of work just out of sight. For one thing, they allow the sunlight to enter your below-grade basement, illuminating the area. They also provide a means of escape if your home suffers a calamity. Finally, while offering both these functions, they protect your home from leaks, messiness, and critter invasion. With all that said, they need to be clear to work effectively. But weeds can take up residence in your wells quite easily and block them up. Here are three ways to keep weeds from growing in window wells.

Keep the Well's Base Free From Dirt

It doesn't take much soil to grow a weed. Any place where you find dirt- whether a crack in the sidewalk or a hole in a wall- is the perfect place for a weed to plant itself. Window wells are especially accommodating if you leave them uncovered. Custom window well covers protect in many ways, but they are particularly good at keeping out organic matter. Covers block dirt, leaves, and more that can hold weed seeds and let them flourish. Keep the wells clear and covered so that weeds can't take root.

Yank 'Em Out

The second of our three ways to keep weeds from growing in window wells is a bit more hands-on. If those hardy weeds manage to grow even with a cover, it's time to take off the kid's gloves and pull on the work gloves. Do monthly surveillance and de-weeding during the spring and summer, and absolutely take the time to rip out and use a shovel to turn over the gravel at the bottom in autumn. Eventually, you'll get ahead of the weeds if you keep the covers sealed the rest of the time. But for added measure, you should also do the following.

Spray 'Em Down

There are plenty of weed killers out there that will destroy and prevent future weeds from springing up in your window well. Still, there's no need to use a wrecking ball to swat a fly. It's also a great idea not to introduce harmful chemicals to your landscaping and garden areas. These can severely affect future plantings and are unhealthy. A solution of water, vinegar, salt, and dishwashing soap can serve as a natural and not poisonous (at least to humans and animals) herbicide. Spray the weeds down and make sure you get the soil they're springing from as well to leave soil that's inhospitable to weeds. Lay it on thick and watch for the results next spring!