A Brief Guide to Basement Egress Window Styles

May 9, 2022

A Brief Guide to Basement Egress Window Styles

Whether it’s going in or out, safety is one of the main purposes of a window well. They provide air and light from the exterior and work as an exit in an emergency. A guide to basement egress window styles gives information on the different styles of windows, why it is important to have one, and the many benefits that come with it. They are becoming more popular and help improve the safety of any home.

Egress windows are large enough for an adult to climb into the basement or underground room and out of it. A window well cover will cover this open well for safety and security, and also preventing mold and mildew to form and damage your belongings.

Simple Covers

This style of window is simple but elegant. It covers the basic needs of the egress window and comes in different materials. No matter the size of the well, these covers will attach perfectly and provide protection. Flat windows are the most common type of window, reliable, especially when used for an emergency entry and exit.

Dome Well Covers

This type of window is a more elegant look. The shape of the window provides a different level of protection from sun, wind, and debris. Sometimes, flat surfaces allow materials and dust to gather on top; domes, on the other hand, provide a semi-round shape that keeps protection to the best. This type of cover is ideal for style and functionality as it provides non-stop ventilation.

Metal Top Covers

This type of cover is a great complement for a metal egress window well, as both can deal with harsh weather while looking good, and durability is one of their main strong suits. Heavy-duty materials are ideal for protection. They also allow a great amount of light through while keeping ventilation flowing. These do not have any glass or plastic; they are all metal. All sizes are available in egress compliance sizes.


These custom-made covers will provide protection like no other and allow your home’s safety to increase along with its value. The style, benefits, and easy use provide an experience like no other windows. You get to choose a style and a design for the cover you want while protecting and keeping your home safe. You need to accurately measure the size of your well and the description of the design. Our professional team develops unique covers that meet our client’s needs with all the basic safety features.

Every room should at least have one egress window for safety reasons—and the basement is no exception. Having a custom window well could also greatly increase the value of your home.