Best Ways To Make Your House Safer

September 22, 2020

Best Ways To Make Your House Safer

Home security should be a top priority for all property owners. That being said, being a homeowner doesn’t make you a security expert, so where are you supposed to start? This list will take you through the best ways to make your house safer. Whether you use one of these methods or all of them, you’ll be improving your property’s security immensely.

Invest in a High-Quality Security System

If you want to outfit your home with the right security, one of the first steps you should take is investing in a high-quality comprehensive security system. Below are a few of the most important components to take into consideration when shopping for a home security system.


No home security system is complete without a functioning alarm system. With alarms in place, you can arm the system when you leave the house, and if someone opens the door without inputting the right code to disarm it, the alarm will sound and alert the proper authorities. Don’t just get alarms for your doors—get them for your windows too. That way, if someone opens a sensor-protected window, you’ll be made aware. Nowadays, a good security system will be able to connect with your phone to send you text alerts in situations like that, as well as provide you with a live feed of the area.


As mentioned above, home security systems connecting with smartphones offer a great way to monitor your home no matter where you are. However, if you don’t want to go all-in on a comprehensive security system, then you can easily find a single security camera with the same smartphone capability instead. From features like two-way talk to motion sensors, security cameras have come a long way in recent years. Two of the most important places to set up security cameras are the front and back doors.

Don’t Rely on Fake Signs/Cameras

Some people believe that simply having a sign that says your home is under the protection of a security system will deter burglars, even if you don’t really have one in place. The same goes for security cameras; it’s not uncommon to hear that even a defunct camera can scare off unwanted parties. While this potentially could work in some cases, you should never rely on fake stickers or cameras to defend your property. You should certainly have those signs and cameras, but you should also have the actual systems in place to back up your claims just in case the sight of them doesn’t do the trick.

Add Motion-Sensing Lights Around the House

If you’re looking for a way to scare off burglars, then a set of motion-sensing lights are going to do a better job of it than a fake security camera (though you shouldn’t rely on these lights as your sole form of security either). Not only will good motion-sensing lights make it harder for burglars to hide on your property, but they will also make it safer for you and your family when moving around at night. Instead of taking out the trash in the dark and running the risk of tripping, use motion lights to illuminate the area when you’re nearby.

Double-Check Your Garage Door Every Night

It’s a small gesture that goes a long way—double-check your garage door each night before going to bed just to make sure it’s closed. Even if leaving the garage door open overnight isn’t something you’ve personally done, accidents can happen. If you fall asleep after leaving the garage door open even once, you’re at risk of burglars spotting the vulnerability and exploiting it to steal your belongings. By double-checking it each night, you can ensure burglars can’t use your garage door against you in such ways.

Double-Check Locks Too

Even during the day, you shouldn’t leave outside doors unlocked when you aren’t using them. By periodically locking outside doors, you can avoid situations like accidentally leaving them unlocked during the night and granting a stranger easy access to your belongings—and family. Make checking back door, side door, and front door locks part of your routine when double-checking the garage door too. Use this same principle for all the windows as well. That way, you can ensure that any means of access from the outside to your home is secure.

Install an Emergency Egress in the Basement

Installing a metal egress window well isn’t just a means of improving the lighting in your basement. A properly installed and maintained window well can also be an emergency egress when necessary. That way, if an emergency such as a break-in or a fire occurs on one of the upper floors of the house, you and your family can get to safety by escaping through a window well.

Install a Window Well Cover

Window well covers will make maintenance much easier, while also keeping your property safe. An open-top window well can be a tripping hazard to adults, and if children or pets are present, they can fall right in. If you take the time to install a durable window well cover, it will prevent you or anyone else from falling inside and getting hurt.

Upgrade Your Front Door

When you’re considering the best ways to make your house safer, you should prioritize your front door. Not just by arming it with an alarm system, but also by making it harder for burglars to get through it in the first place. Consider installing security tools like a deadbolt and strike plate to keep out unwanted guests. While it’s vital for you to do this with the front door, you should also make the extra effort to do this with all the outside doors on your property.

Secure Sliding Doors

When securing the outside doors on your property, don’t forget to secure any sliding doors as well. Aside from outfitting them with an alarm, you should also lock them and use a metal or wooden rod to help secure them. This is a popular method of security that simply requires you to lay the rod down on the sliding door track to prevent it from opening.

As you can see, there are many ways you can make your house safer for everyone inside. Whether it’s high-tech security like an alarm system or a simple tool like a metal/wooden rod, these tips will help prioritize the safety of your loved ones and the security of your belongings at all times.