Bilco Factory Primed Steel Foundation Plate

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Foundation plates can be used to improve an areaway’s appearance, cover rough masonry, reduce the inside areaway width, or for side support in corner installations. Formed plates are prime-painted steel and are now available with a factory applied powder coat paint finish.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Improve areaway appearance, cover rough masonry and small holes, span voids in brick and concrete block. In this case, select foundation plates as wide as the sidewalls
  • Reduce inside width of foundation. In this case, select foundation plates wide enough to span sidewalls and extend into areaway so that BILCO door frame overlaps them by at least 2" per side
  • Install the BILCO door in a corner


Foundation Plates are cut to length on the job site to fit the areaway conditions. Anchor the plates to sound sidewalls before installing the door to cap the areaway. Foundation plates can be overlapped to accommodate areaways greater than 84" in length.