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The Bilco StakWEL Window Well is a stacked, Polyethylene modular Bilco Stakwel egress well system that can be assembled and used on foundations up to 10 feet deep. The wells can be easily installed by sliding together the overlapping ribs, securing the tabbed inserts and stacked to accommodate your foundation height. Single modules work well with utility windows. The StakWel, provided by Window Well Supply, is a fast and inexpensive way to add code-compliant egress to basements and lower level living areas.


1 Module: 21"

2 Modules: 36-3/8"

3 Modules: 51-3/4"

4 Modules: 67-1/8"

5 Modules: 82-1/2"

Each Bilco StakWel Window Well module is high density polyethylene molded construction that will never rust, rot or change color and is UV-stabilized for long life. The molded well modules are available in a soft earth tone color which blends in with any surrounding landscaping. Egress windows add natural daylight and ventilation while increasing your chances of a safe exit in an emergency situation.


  • High-density, maintenance-free polyethylene construction will never rust, rot or fade
  • Unique "Grip/Step" design features a convenient handle and gusseted step to meet building code requirements for egress in an emergency situation
  • Stacked modules work with 36" and 48” Bilco StakWel Window Well
  • Single modules work well with 16”, 20” & 24” utility windows
  • Satisfies section R310.2 of the International Building Code (IRC 2012) for emergency Bilco StakWel egress
  • Great for new and remodeling construction projects
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight of One Module: 25 lbs.


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Bilco StakWEL Instalation - PDF 

Blico StakWEL Installation - Video 

Bilco StakWEL Size Chart - PDF