How To Improve Window Well Drainage

Posted by Allyson Schwab on October 26, 2020

How To Improve Window Well Drainage

Window wells require an adequate drainage system in place to ensure water doesn't pool up inside after a storm. However, any number of factors can hinder the drain's ability to do its job. If you notice that your window well isn't draining properly, don't panic. This guide will teach you how to improve window well drainage if you see any excess water collecting inside the well.

Inspect the Window Well

We'll dive into fixing specific issues in the following points, but first things first; inspect the window well for the problem. If you notice that rainwater isn't quite draining as efficiently as it should, inspect the drain for anything that might be blocking it. Sticks, mud, leaves, and random bits of garbage are a few things that can find their way into window wells and hinder the drain's ability to do its job.

If there's no debris in the window well, the next place to look is the gravel. Does it look clean, or is it covered in excessive dirt, mud, or any other type of treacherous muck? If it is, then you've found your culprit.

Remove Any Debris/Blockage

Now that you know what to look for, we can discuss how to fix these issues when you find them. When it comes to clearing out materials obstructing the drain, you'll have to open the window well and clean them out by hand or with the help of a shop vacuum.

Even if the debris is on the drain instead of inside it, you should still clear it out. Materials like leaves might seem harmless enough, but if you allow materials like it to cover the window well drain, it could lead to flooding. To prevent materials like leaves, trash, and so on from getting inside window wells, consider installing custom window well covers. Having a good cover on a window well will also keep children and small animals from falling inside.

Clean/Replace Gravel

You might think gravel is in the window well simply for visual appeal, but that gravel actually plays a key role in ensuring water drains instead of pooling inside the well. You can improve the effectiveness of your window well gravel in one of two ways.

For your first option, remove all the gravel from the window well and thoroughly wash it before putting back inside. For the second option, simply remove the gravel and replace it with a new set of fresh, clean gravel. Whichever option you choose, be sure to make inspecting gravel quality part of your regular window well maintenance routine. That way, you can ensure it doesn't cause you or the window well any further problems.

Now that you know how to improve window well drainage, you'll be ready instead of confused when water begins to pool in your well. Suffice it to say, water pooling inside the window well can be a stressful sight. Luckily, as you can see, fixing and preventing the problem can be fairly simple.