How To Keep Animals Out of Your Window Well

Posted by Allyson Schwab on September 28, 2020

How To Keep Animals Out of Your Window Well

Window wells are a great way to brighten up the basement, but it might seem dangerous to have openings along the side of your house. Not only could an adult trip over one, but a small animal could fall in entirely. If you want to install a basement window but you're stressing about how to keep animals out of your window well, you can put that stress to rest. This guide will take you through the simple steps you must take to keep your window wells as safe as they are beneficial to your home.

Cover up any holes

Learning how to keep animals out of window wells certainly helps with any local wildlife perusing your property. That said, it will also help with any household pets you let run around the yard. If you want to keep your pets safe around the house, covering up any holes they can fall into is obviously a top priority.

Proper window well protection

That being said, you can’t just pull a plastic tarp or a wooden board over a window well to act as suitable window well protection. Proper window well protection calls for polycarbonate window well covers, which are heavy-duty coverings that provide a means of support for animals to walk over the well without falling inside. Installing one of these covers will effectively keep animals safe from getting stuck while simultaneously allowing natural light to pass through into your basement with ease. That way, you won't have to compromise light flow when optimizing the window well's protection.

Now that you know how to keep animals out of your window well, you can provide the well with the right means of defense. Beyond preventing small animals from becoming stuck inside, polycarbonate window well covers can even keep small children safe from falling in and hurting themselves. Heavy-duty covers can also help you cut down on window well maintenance thanks to their ability to keep rain and other forms of debris out of the well. As you can see, a strong cover is one of the most important and beneficial components of a window well system. Look at the covers available today if you’re ready to prevent any animals from infiltrating your window well.