How to Measure for a Window Well Cover

Posted by Allyson Schwab on June 18, 2020

How to Measure for a Window Well Cover

Window wells are great assets to any residential home. They not only provide you with an emergency exit, but also provide your basement with fresh air and natural light. To perform these tasks correctly, window wells require regular maintenance.

A great way to cut down on this necessary maintenance is with the help of window well covers. The purpose of window well covers is to prevent debris from entering the window well while delivering that fresh air and natural light. Learn how to measure for a window well cover so that you can keep your window wells safe and secure at all times.


The first step you need to take is calculating the width. You can do this by taking a horizontal measurement along your house at the points where the window well meets your home.


To measure the projection of the window well, begin at the center point of the width measurement. Then, measure how far the window well projects from your home by calculating the distance between the wall of the house and the farthest point to which the well stretches from the house.


Don't forget to take the shape of your window well into consideration, because the wrong cover won't provide the right protection. Covers can come in a variety of styles, such as U-shaped, rectangular, and rounded.

As you can see, measuring your window well is a very easy process. Now that you know how to measure for a window well cover, you're ready to find the perfect one for your property. If you want to ditch the normal interior of a window well and truly transform your basement, decorative window well liners can help. At Window Well Supply, we can provide you with a beautiful array of decorative liners that bring your favorite outdoor views to your basement, from quaint, rocky creeks to lush green fields.