Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Well

Posted by Allyson Schwab on July 20, 2020

Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Well

Window wells bring beauty to your basement and protection to your property, but at a certain point, it might be time to replace it. If a window well becomes too old, damaged, or neglected over time, it won't be able to do its job correctly. That's why, if you're a homeowner, you need to know the signs you need to replace your window well. Taking the right preventative measures will keep your property safe and your window wells functioning all year round.

Sudden Flooding or Moisture Damage

If your basement experiences sudden flooding, or even if you just spot some leaks or moisture damage near the window, it might be a sign that your window well needs replacing. This can be due to several factors, such as a faulty or clogging drain, a loose or broken window, or other forms of damage to the lining of the well itself.

Damages Occurring From Old Age

Throughout the year, you should inspect and perform the proper maintenance on all your window wells. That way, you can easily know when it’s time for a window well replacement before the damage gets out of hand. Of course, you can find durable window wells online, but that doesn’t mean inspections aren’t helpful.

When carrying out your inspection, keep an eye out for any signs of old age on the well. These signs include rust, scrapes, holes, and other blemishes you find on the window well. If you notice these signs, consider replacing that window well to avoid further damage from occurring.

Unexpected Loosening of the Well

Another noticeable indicator that you need to replace window wells at home is loosening walls. Whether you spot it randomly one day or during a scheduled inspection, a loose or warping window well needs attention as soon as possible. Your window well can begin detaching from your foundation wall due to damage from rust, as well as effects from freezing and thawing over a certain period of time. If you notice your window well shift, replace it before it leads to soil clogging your drainage system and water leaking into your basement.

Without the right maintenance and care, your window well can become just another hole on your property. However, if you keep an eye out for these signs you need to replace your window well and take care of it all year round, your house will be more beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe from outdoor hazards. At Window Well Supply, we can provide your home with heavy-duty window well covers to keep your basement windows just as secure as they are attractive.