The Different Types of Window Well Covers

Posted by Allyson Schwab on August 6, 2020

The Different Types of Window Well Covers

Installing a window well isn't complete if you don't have a cover on top. Window well covers keep debris, rain, and other unwanted materials out of the well, meaning you can keep that view looking as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. These covers also make your home more energy-efficient thanks to the natural light and fresh air they supply to your basement.

However, it's important to know there's a number of window well shape variations that provide different benefits. This guide will teach you about the different types of window well covers we offer to keep the view from your basement beautiful and the condition of your window top-notch.

Sloped Window Well Covers

As the name suggests, sloped window well covers have an incline, or slope, that allows for maximum protection against the elements. Thanks to their design, sloped window well covers divert snow, mud, rain, and other debris away from your home. They maximize drainage of unwanted materials, and they're also very easy to clean.

Additionally, just like all of our covers, our sloped window well covers feature highly durable polycarbonate to keep animals and people from falling through; a UV-resistant layer that prevents the cover from yellowing due to too much time in the sun; and rust-free aluminum supports that won't become eyesores due to too much time in the rain or snow.

Flat Window Well Covers

Some homeowners might not like the look of a sloped cover, so a flat cover that stands out less but still gets the job done is better suited for those households. Our flat covers are still easy to clean, and they have a UV-resistant layer, rust-free supports, and polycarbonate design. However, due to the lack of an incline, they won't divert debris away from your property in the way sloped covers will.

The different types of window well covers on the market feature various looks and attributes, but at the end of the day, you'll be able to keep your home safe from the elements as well as take advantage of the many other benefits window wells offer—no matter which design you choose. At Window Well Supply, we can provide you with custom basement window well covers that are specifically built to perfectly fit the size and shape of your well.