Ways To Get More Natural Light in Your Basement

July 20, 2022

Ways To Get More Natural Light in Your Basement

Light is essential everywhere; it makes a space look more comfortable and welcoming. A basement, like any other room in the house, should look clean and inviting. One of the best and quickest ways to transform a room like this into a better space is with natural light. These ways to get more natural light into your basement will make you want to spend more time down there.

Use Mirrors

A practical way to add more natural light into a basement is with mirrors placed strategically around the room so that they reflect off one another. Light travels great distances, and you can manipulate it simply with stunning results. You can redirect light from the entrance hallway to your basement or reflect the light from the windows to make it look naturally bright.

Open Floor Plan

Basements sometimes feel stuffy and condensed. If you plan on renovating your basement, an open floor plan will make a huge difference in maximizing the benefits of natural lighting. Rather than separating the basement into several smaller rooms, keep it open so that natural light illuminates the entire area.

Window Well Cover

If your house has a window well, which is a standard feature on most houses with a basement, consider what type of window well cover you use to cover it. Products like a polycarbonate window well cover have reflective properties that will catch the light from outside and direct it into your basement. This element will make your house safer from the outside by protecting your wells and providing enough natural light to save some money on electricity.

Egress Window

An egress window is another option if you have a window well in your basement. An egress window functions as an exit way in case of emergency, and there are different styles and sizes for you to choose from to match your tastes. One of the best ways to get natural light into your basement is with clear sliding windows with metallic accents; these will let the light in while also reflecting it off the metal for brighter results.

Solar Pipes

Solar pipes are tubes that channel natural light into the house. They have mirrors inside that reflect the light and allow it to travel smoothly through the pipe into a room. While these tubes protrude from the floor or ceiling of the room, you can use decorations and accessories to help them blend in and still benefit from the light they provide.