Metal vs. Fiberglass Window Wells: What’s the Difference?
Metal vs. Fiberglass Window Wells: What’s the Difference?

If you’re ready to remake your window well or provide it with an extra layer of protection and security, decide on the best material to use. Ask yourself, what’s the difference between metal vs. fiberglass window wells? Whatever you pick will keep out pests, dirt, trash, and water, but you should know that some wells and well covers are better than others. This article covers the benefits and drawbacks of both types.

(Not So) Heavy Metal

Metal window wells are the most secure and durable options. Metal is resistant to cracking and seepage and can’t be burrowed through by most critters. Steel well walls and covers are easy to install and create a firm seal. Since metal window wells are made of galvanized steel, they’re lightweight, but this doesn’t make them less protective. They’re fairly inexpensive and can usually be customized by painting or other methods.

All window well walls and covers come in a variety of shapes. They’re designed to meet all building codes and be easily fitted with heavy-duty window well covers in any number of styles and materials. Issues such as the metal rusting, corroding, or bending can be prevented with regular maintenance. When they’re taken care of, metal window wells provide service for a very, very long time.

Fiberglass With Class

Fiberglass has just as many options as metal window wells, but also comes with its own unique benefits. They’re protective, and keep out water, dirt, animals, and roots. Fiberglass is also exceedingly durable and lightweight, and installation is a breeze. One major difference between metal and fiberglass window wells is the price.

The cost increases because fiberglass is tougher than steel, especially in regards to water resistance and weather conditions. Fiberglass window wells come in attractive designs that resemble natural or picturesque elements such as brick walls or stone. Both steel and fiberglass window wells can come with a ladder, but fiberglass can also offer steps, as well as alcoves and extensions for holding decorative elements. They’re designed to allow easy attachment of various window well covers. Fiberglass window wells will last for a long time.

Which Is Better?

We’ve addressed metal vs. fiberglass window wells and asked what’s the difference? Well, it’s less about their differences than how one can better serve your particular needs. Both will keep your window well free from the hassle of leaks, invasive varmints, and debris, but in the end, it all comes down to which suits your needs and style better. Good luck!


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