Metal VS Fiberglass Window Wells, What's The Difference?

June 20, 2021

Metal VS Fiberglass Window Wells, What's The Difference?

Ever stopped to wonder what the difference in window well materials is? While they all are successful in doing their main tasks of allowing light into your basement, offering a quick escape for emergencies, among other things, there are some key differences in fiberglass and metal window wells. 

Fiberglass Window Wells

Fiberglass is also exceedingly durable and lightweight, and installation is a breeze. One major difference between metal and fiberglass window wells is the price. The cost increases because fiberglass is tougher than steel, especially in regards to water resistance and weather conditions. In addition to its durability, fiberglass is available in a variety of designs. The appearance of faux stone, for example, looks great in any type of window well. In addition to being UV-resistant, fiberglass is also water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and durable. The extra convenience they offer comes at a price, but they weigh almost nothing and are easy to install as well.

Metal Window Wells

Corrugated steel is durable, strong, and looks cool. Aside from being relatively easy to install, it's usually leak-proof, and it lasts longer; however, it costs more than plastic. Even though steel can last for 20 or 30 years, it may eventually rust, depending on weather conditions, soil conditions, and more. The holes cannot be patched or painted like those in concrete or stone.