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Quarry View Egress Kit

$2,648.50 - $2,948.50
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$2,648.50 - $2,948.50
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Quarry View Egress Kit

Quarry View Egress Kit

$2,648.50 - $2,948.50
$2,648.50 - $2,948.50

Unbreakable Strength

Long-Lasting Durability

Ultimate Safety

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Purchasing a basement egress kit will provide you with all of the items you need to turn your basement into an egress compliant living area. Our kits provide IRC code-compliant items that meet or exceed the minimum requirements for window wells (minimum projection of 36"), window well cover and basement window. Protect your family and ensure that your basement is up to code!


Window Well Supply has the options to ensure your window wells are sturdy and able to withstand a variety of forces, whether it be heavy rains or shifting grounds. Our fiberglass window wells effectively provide an escape from underground spaces in the case of an emergency. Our Quarry View Window Well comes in multiple colors and give you a break from the typical corrugated steel view, while still offering the same strength and protection.

  •  Multi-layered non-corroding fiberglass mesh and resin
    for strength combined with a visually appealing interior
    show surface
  • Durable, single-piece fiberglass window well construction
  •  Built in steps for easy escape and egress requirements
  • Pre-drilled holes allow easy mounting
  • 1′ backcap provides a finished look on the outside for added
    curb appeal


Our low profile sloped polycarbonate window well cover is the best window well cover on the market. With our .177" thick polycarbonate and aluminum bracing, your cover will have a load capacity of 500 lbs. Additionally, the polycarbonate is UV-Resistant and will prevent any yellowing. 

  • Supports up to 500 lbs of weight
  • UV Resistant
  • Rust-free Aluminum bracing
  • Egress compliant
  • Aesthetically pleasing


Our in-swing casement basement window meets your needs by offering left- or right-hand installation. The window is 8 inches thick and comes in white. The window is a complete set that includes both the sash and screen.


This basement window is a breeze! Made of vinyl, it never needs paint and won't rust. It opens fully without taking up space in your room, and comes protected for installation. The window itself is energy-efficient and easy to clean. Plus, it meets safety codes and fits different wall sizes. It even has a screen for fresh air!

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Quarryview Installation Instructions - PDF

Quarryview Specification Sheet - PDF

Quaryview Sizing Sheet - PDF

Window Specifications - 27"x45"

Window Specifications - 31"x40"

Window Specifications - 48"x48"

Freedom In-Swing Window Installation Instructions