The Benefits of Polycarbonate Window Well Covers

December 20, 2021

The Benefits of Polycarbonate Window Well Covers

Window wells do a thankless job. They keep out water, vermin, and dirt while letting all that glorious sunshine into the basement. Covering them with some form of protection is simply smart homeownership- but what you cover them with makes a substantial difference. It's easy enough to purchase a cheap plastic cover or a metal grate. However, a polycarbonate cover is your best option for maximum protection. Here are the benefits of polycarbonate window well covers.

Polycarbonate Lets in the Light Without Skimping on Strength

You could buy a cheap plastic cover for your window well at the hardware store for no more than $50, slap it onto your window well, and be finished. That cover will provide basic protection against the elements, let in the sun, and last a few years. However, at the end of the day, this type of cover is still cheap. Cheap covers crack and break in time, and they won't provide much support if someone stands on them.

Polycarbonate window well covers, on the other hand, are durable season after season. They resist water, weather, sunlight, and even physical force all while offering the transparency and translucency of glass or plastic.

Better Than Metal

Heavy metal grills or mesh screens can be difficult to pick up and move when you have to clean them. Polycarbonate window well covers, however, are nearly weightless, so they're easy to carry and set up on your window wells. Unlike metal covers, they keep everything out of the window well, including pests that could squeeze through the gaps in a metal cover.

Looks Good and Stays That Way

One of the benefits of polycarbonate window well covers is that they stay nice-looking for an exceptionally long time. Unlike plastic and metal, these covers aren't prone to fading, chipping, cracking, corroding, or rusting. Professionally installed polycarbonate window well covers also look better than other types. They have a sleek design and sturdy appearance. They're unobtrusive and designed to be low to the ground and out of the way.


One of the greatest features of polycarbonate window well covers is that they can be latched shut to keep out pests and potential thieves while being easily opened from the inside. This ensures your widow wells and home remain safe while still permitting the possibility of escape in case of emergency.

If you're going to cover your window wells, make sure that you're the only one who gets to open and close them. Protect your home and family from the elements and more with polycarbonate window well covers.