The Different Varieties of Window Well Covers
The Different Varieties of Window Well Covers

Window wells are a necessity, but they aren’t always pretty. They keep out harsh weather, water, critters, trash, and plants while allowing all that glorious sunshine in, and they provide an escape hatch from the basement. But leaving your window wells open and uncovered is never a good idea. Without covers, your window wells will quickly fill with things that might eventually find their way into your house. Install a cover! But how do you know which one to choose? Here are the different varieties of window well covers.

Polyethylene Plastic

These are the covers that most people are familiar with. Polyethylene plastic covers are usually clear (though they can come in colors) and available in several shapes to fit the assorted sizes of window wells, including half circles, squares, rectangles, and so on. They run about $50 or so and can be either laid across the window well or placed secured over it by being screwed to the wall. If you’re on a budget, these covers are a perfectly acceptable way to protect your window well, but they can be a bit flimsy and fragile, easily cracked or broken, and prone to fly off in a stiff wind. Security is nonexistent since they can be removed easily. In a pinch they’re fine but consider an upgrade.

Atrium and Dome Styles

Now we’re moving into the realm of custom window well covers. For our first examples we have atrium and dome styles. Unlike the polyethylene plastic covers above, these are usually made of a stronger kind of plastic that’s constructed of polycarbonate. You will have the clearness of glass but with greater resiliency and strength. Atriums and domes provide a taller cover with a slanted top that allows rain, sleet, and snow to wash off and travel further away from the well. They are also lightweight and easy to move if needed, but heavy enough that they won’t blow away.


Grates are great in many ways, and not so great in others. Most often made of metals like steel, aluminum, and cast iron, they provide extra strength, preventing animals, children, and unobservant adults from falling into window wells by supporting their full weight. Grates also look classy and cool, but unfortunately, they don’t provide much protection from the elements. Water, snow, dirt, and more can easily pass through, and you’ll potentially need to paint and treat the metal to fight rust and corrosion.


Here’s the last of the different varieties of window well covers, and it’s kind of a catch-all. Some window well cover shapes defy logic, or at least are hard to fit with a standard cover bought at the store. In these cases, and even with standard shapes, it’s best to bring in an expert to measure and fit your window well with a custom-made aluminum cover with polycarbonate panes that stand up to weather, weight, and anything else nature throws at them. Call us today and we’ll discuss your options!


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