The Different Varieties of Window Well Covers

October 26, 2021

The Different Varieties of Window Well Covers

Are your window wells (literally) covered? Find the perfect cover to keep out weather and critters. Here are the different varieties of window well covers:

Sloped window well covers

Sloped window well covers are designed to have a gentle an incline, or slope, protects your window well and home against the elements. The sloped design of the window well cover diverts snow, mud, rain, and other debris away from your home. Sloped window well covers are a popular choice for home owners due to the sleek look and natural element diverting benefits. 

Atrium window well covers

Atrium window well covers are designed to have enough space to comfortably fit crank-out, or casement, style windows. These windows require atrium covers that have enough room to allow the window to fully open while remaining covered. These atrium shaped window well covers give your home a unique look, without drawing from your home's natural beauty.

Flat window well covers

These simple flat window well covers are designed to provide a low profile while keeping your window wells clean from debris and dry. These covers are sleek and easy to wipe clean due to their simple design. 

Grate window well covers

These metal grates are designed to provide airflow to basement windows. If your main concern is being able to let fresh air into your basement, these metal grates are the perfect window well cover for your home. They also withstand constant foot traffic and can safely prevent falls into your window well. 

If none of these offer the fit and look you desire, Window Well Supply also offers custom window well covers. Get your free quote today by filling out this simple 2-step form.