The Importance of Window Wells
The Importance of Window Wells

Window wells are wonderful additions to any home. They provide a means for natural light and fresh air to reach the basement. However, there’s more to window wells than just the comfort and atmosphere they provide—you can’t ignore the importance of window wells to your personal well-being. Read up on why window wells are so important with this simple, comprehensive guide on the issue.

They Fulfill Building Code Requirements

Most U.S. cities require homeowners to have window wells in their basements in order to comply with building codes. It’s important to look up your specific city’s building codes to make sure this is something you’re legally required to do. Additionally, many insurance policies will also require you to have a window well attached to your basement.

They Act as Emergency Exits

When properly installed and maintained, window wells can give residents a means of escape in the case of an emergency. If a fire erupts or a break-in occurs, a window well can provide you with a safe way to exit the house. For this reason, you should never lock or place things on top of your window well cover. That way, you won’t run into trouble when you’re trying to escape if an emergency erupts.

Now that you understand the importance of window wells, you can properly install and use them during your time at home. Whether you live there for two years or 20, window wells are great, safe assets to you and your family. Window Well Supply is home to a bevy of metal egress window well covers for you to choose from. After you find the right one for your home, make sure to install it as soon as you can so that you can reap the many benefits of having a window well attached to your home.


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