Tips for Landscaping Around Window Wells

March 18, 2021

Tips for Landscaping Around Window Wells

When doing home improvements or landscaping, you may wonder what can be safely added around your window well. When landscaping around window wells it is important to not interfere with the window well's main purpose, to provide your family with a quick and easy exit route in case of an emergency. If you are looking to beautify your window well's exterior, here are 3 simple ideas that won't impede with their functionality. 


Plant bushes on all sides of the window well, leaving at least a foot of space between the plants and the well. Again, don't pick tall shrubs and bushes. Pick small- to medium-sized ones, and make sure they're deciduous instead of coniferous.

Planters and pavers

Design a planter without of landscaping pavers on one or both sides of the window well. You can also use matching paver stones to outline the window well and draw attention to the planters, tying the window well into the cohesive landscaping scenery.

Decorative Rock

Most landscape suppliers stock a wide range of stones in a variety of color and sizes ranging from little pebbles to larger stones. Adding some flat river rocks  around and in your window well can add a natural look, without cluttering your window well and preventing it from being useable.

Remember, that while landscaping around your window wells, you should be mindful to not block the window well fully. You should maintain a clear exit route from your basement window to your yard. Growing plants and adding large objects inside your window well is not recommended, as it can prevent a quick exit in case of an emergency.