4 Tips for Securing Your Basement Windows

June 21, 2022

4 Tips for Securing Your Basement Windows

Basement windows are often low profile and easily forgotten entry points to your family's home. Often on the sides or back of the house, they are not visible to people passing by which makes them a great entry point for burglars.  What can you do to secure your basement windows and deter crime? There are some easy steps you can take such as adding lights, locks, security cameras, and window well covers to improve your basement window's security. 


Many people believe that adding lights around entry points can help deter crime. Making your basement windows more visible and easy to monitor can help prevent your home from being a target for thieves. You can install wire free, motion sensor lights around your basement windows to help spook off unwanted guests. 

Window well covers

Adding window well covers to your window wells can prevent a burglar from having access to your basement window. Low profile covers may also help disguise your basement window so that they are not even considered as a possible entry point to your home. Clear polycarbonate window well covers will do their job to help secure your home, without blocking any sunlight. 


Adding locks to your basement windows is a straightforward option. Locks make it harder for someone to gain access to your home. Basement window locks come in 3 common styles, so that there is something available for every window style.

The kind of lock that will work best for your basement window depends on which of the following styles you have in your basement:

Security cameras

Security cameras will ensure that your basement windows are constantly monitored. This will help record any suspicious activity and deter burglars who want to remain unnoticed. The best options is to choose cameras that are easy to be noticed, as that will scare off any mischief. 

Whether you choose to try all 4 of these ideas, or just 1, they will help improve your home's security.