Wellcraft 6700 Window Well

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The Wellcraft 6700 Series Egress Window Well is intended for use with 5 foot wide windows, and includes 3 locking sections that lock and snap together to create a well height of 60". This window well system, when paired with the matching well cover and sliding window, create a great escape from your basement, while also letting in plenty of sunlight. The 6700 Egress Window Well series offers functionality as well as appealing looks and is composed of durable UV-protected polyethylene.


  • Designed for egress windows up to 5ft. wide
  • Each window well is made of 3 sections
  • Total of 6 terraced egress steps for easy exit and entrance
  • Made with UV-protected Polyethylene


  • Height: 60"
  • Depth: 56.5" (from exterior wall to stepladder)
  • Width: 76.5" (at widest point of wall attachment)
  • Square Footage: 13.93 Sq. Ft.