What To Do When Animals Are Stuck in Your Window Well

June 21, 2022

What To Do When Animals Are Stuck in Your Window Well

Window wells are a terrific way to let more light into your basement and offer a quick exit for family members in the event of an emergency. If left uncovered window wells may also be a spot where animals become stuck by accident. If you come across an animal trapped in your window well, there are a few removal methods to try. 

Luckily, animals aren't usually looking to become permanent residents in your window well. They are usually happy to be let free and will not disturb your window well further.

Take It Easy

Before calling animal control or some modern-day trapper to handle the situation, take a breath and realize that the animal isn't necessary in most situations. 

Grab some wood

If your well is only a few feet deep, find a piece of discarded wood or sturdy branch. Lower it into your window well, and angle it like a ramp to allow the animal to climb out on it's own. If the wood is smooth, covering it in a towel or old clothing may help the animal gain traction while climbing. Leave the homemade ramp in the well, and when you leave the animal will most likely attempt to exit your window well.

Humane trap

If you do not have a live trap handy, find a large bucket and food to lure the animal inside of the bucket. When the animal enters the bucket or trap, raise it out of the well and set it down gently. When moving a bucket, you may want to use a metal hook or other long devise so that you are not in close proximity of the wild animal. 

To prevent animals from getting stuck in your window wells, install a window well cover. A window well cover can keep the opening of your well closed off and inaccessible to small animals. Both metal grate covers and polycarbonate window well covers will help keep your window wells free from future animals, and come in a variety of sizes.