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Bilco Weather Strip Kit for Cellar Door

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Bilco Weather Strip Kit for Cellar Door

Bilco Weather Strip Kit for Cellar Door


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Basement Door Weather Strip Kit

Protect your basement areaway from leaves, dirt and pests BILCO’s new weather strip kit is easy to install and includes a series of gaskets specifically designed to seal the intricate shape and areas of a basement door. The kit is supplied with complete installation instructions and the only tools required are tin snips or large scissors. Simply trim the materials as instructed to match your specific door model (possibly even other brands of steel basement doors) and enjoy your well-sealed areaway.
Note: Weather Strip kit will not work on Ultra Series Basement Doors.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Reduces gaps to block leaves, dirt and pests from entering the area way
  • Easy to install kit is supplied with installation instructions and can be applied in minutes
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Designed for BILCO basement doors, but may be suitable for other steel basement door brands


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Bilco Weatherstrip Kit Installation Guide