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Bilco Stair Stringer

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Bilco Stair Stringer

Bilco Stair Stringer


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Stair stringers sizes are available for all BILCO Basement Doors sizes. Constructed of heavy galvanized steel, BILCO stair stringers for basement areaways are an economical and more durable alternative to wood stair stringers for your basement areaway.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install and less labor intensive than wooden stair stringers
  • Comes in a pair (two stair stringers)
  • 14-gauge galvanized steel construction provides the same lasting service as your BILCO Door
  • Removeable treads allow bulky items, such as a new furnace or freezer, pool table, or big screen TV, to be easily moved into the basement.


Simply nail the stringers to the areaway sidewalls, using the masonry nails supplied. Cut the wooden treads to the required length from standard 2" X 10" lumber stringers (wood not supplied), and anchor them in position with the nails provided.

Painting Instructions

Optional stair stringers and foundation plates are galvanized steel but can be painted for aesthetic purposes. If painted, a metal primer must be used prior to applying the finish coat of paint. 


Stair stringers for basement areaway standard sizes

Basement Door Model Stair Stringer Model Stringer Lenth Number of Treads
Size SL Size SL-SS 34-5/8" 4
Size O Size O-SS 51-3/8" 6
Size B Size B-SS 59-3/4" 7
Size C Size C-SS 68-1/8" 8


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Bilco Stair Stringer Installation - PDF