How Can You Personalize Your Window Wells?

August 26, 2021

How Can You Personalize Your Window Wells?

How can you personalize your window wells? With a bit of cleaning and a few decorative touches, you can make dull window wells look unique and cheerful. There are many ways to make your window wells fit with your home’s design and landscaping. After some general maintenance to your window wells, enhancing their beauty is the next step.

Decorative Liners

If you don’t like the bare look of your window well’s finish, consider adding some scenery with a window well liner. We offer many egress window well liners with beautiful views. Some of our choices range from waterfallsocean viewstropical beachesforests, and more. They come in a variety of sizes for any well.

Rock garden

While we advise against letting weeds and vines take over your wells, and encourage regular maintenance, adding a layer of rocks can enhance your window well. Add smooth and flat stones to give the well some personality, without inhibiting its safety features.

These two ideas are simple ways you can personalize your window wells. Since window wells are an integral part of homes with basement windows, adding a personal look to them helps you enjoy their full benefits.