​Window Well Maintenance: How To Keep Yours In Tip-Top Shape

April 26, 2021

​Window Well Maintenance: How To Keep Yours In Tip-Top Shape

Having window wells can be one of the most important safety elements of your home and it’s especially vital if you have children in the house. Window wells need to be properly maintained if they are going to serve their purpose, which includes utilizing window well covers to prevent accidents from happening when little ones are running around at home. If you don’t know how to maintain them properly, you might end up with a window well disaster on your hands that you could have easily prevented if you took just a little bit of time to make sure that your window wells were in tip-top shape before things started to go wrong. 

Waterproofing and Sealing 

While waterproofing and sealing window wells isn’t very hard to do, it does require regular maintenance to keep your basement dry. You should thoroughly clean your window wells every year or two to prevent dirt from clogging up your drain. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall and a lot of accumulation, you may need to shovel out your window wells once or twice a year to keep them working properly. 

Cleaning Out The Trash 

If your window well is constantly covered in debris and leaves, that means it may be time for a window well cover. There are several types of covers you can get—we offer a wide selection for every home—no matter which style you choose they will prevent further trash from collecting in your wells. Protecting your investment with a little bit of window well maintenance goes a long way! 

Removing Weeds 

One of your first priorities with window well maintenance is to make sure any weeds or other vegetation don’t get out of hand. Window wells should remain cleaned out and require regular maintenance to remove plants. In cases of emergency, your window well needs to be clear to use as an exit. If you aren’t able to reach your wells from above, a long-handled weeding tool may be useful for keeping things nice and tidy without causing damage. Installing a window well cover can also help prevent future invasive plants from calling your window well home. 

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Windows, doors, decks, and fences – all manner of light fixtures and exhaust systems – but especially windows wells take a beating in harsh weather and often go unchecked. This is where a little bit of seasonal maintenance goes a long way. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig into these quick tips to help protect your investment.