How Can You Personalize Your Window Wells?
How Can You Personalize Your Window Wells?

Are you wondering how you can personalize your window wells? Just because they’re mostly out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. There are multiple ways you can make a window well look fancier or blend in beautifully with the landscaping. After a bit of cleaning and weeding, get set to spruce up your window wells so they look lovely and elegant inside and out.

Rock and Roll!

Are you tired of looking out and seeing a curved sheet of corrugated metal out your window? Pick up a pile of lovely river stones, bricks, or other eye-catching materials and get to work with the mortar and trowel. A rock wall makes for a prettier and more natural-looking view. Brick lets you create sturdy tiers, with allow you to set up potted plants and other decorative elements. If you leave enough room to escape the basement in an emergency, you can add anything you like!

Decorative Liners Set the Scene

If you don’t like the utilitarian view from the basement windows, consider adding some scenery. Egress window well decorative liners are printed with all sorts of gorgeous and evocative views. Whether you prefer a gentle lakeside, a lovely field of flowers and grass, a waterfall, or a dreamy forest, there’s a decorative liner for you. Some liners can even simulate stone or brick walls, among other trompe l’oeil images. Trick the eye and add some life to an otherwise lifeless area.

A Touch of Green

While you should never let your window wells become overgrown with weeds, they’re prime spots for more pleasant plants. Potted plants are ideal since they take up little space and aren’t growing out of the soil and gravel at the bottom of the window well. Depending on the size of the well, you can add a few plants or many small ones. Avoid vines that can grow out of control and cover the well’s walls and windows. If you have a clear or translucent well cover, you could set up a terrarium with plants that thrive in warmer, wetter climates. You could even grow your own herbs and produce!

Lighten Up

Are you still wondering how you can personalize your window wells? Consider all the above additions, but make sure they’re backed and accented by light. Wiring up your actual window well might be difficult and unnecessarily pricy, so consider setting up an external spotlight that adds light or color. Try using battery-operated tea lights and light strings. Colored lights can bring all sorts of moods—restful, meditative, or joyful, for instance. Why not experiment? Try turning your window wells into an outdoor art gallery!


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