Problems To Watch Out for With Window Wells

November 5, 2021

Problems To Watch Out for With Window Wells

Window wells are great, but they need to be maintained to work properly. Here are the most common problems to watch out for with window wells:

  • excessive flooding 
  • small animals falling inside
  • debris

Excessive flooding

This is the most common problem with window wells. Window wells without a properly fitting cover can fill with rain water or melting snow. If the water finds an entry point into your basement, it can cause water to pool on the floor around your window wells. To help prevent your window wells from flooding, installwindow well cover that fits your window well's shape and size. 

Small animals

Squirrels, young birds, frogs, and mice are common animals that end up in window wells. Due to the depth of your window well, and slick material, they are often unable to escape on their own. This means you will need to be vigilant in checking your wells, or installwindow well cover to prevent small animals from falling into your window well.


Debris like leaves, twigs, and other discarded pieces of landscaping can often blow into your window well. If your wells are left uncovered all winter, they will collect snowfall. Not only will this prevent sunlight from entering your basement, but it can also lead to excessive flooding in your window well once it melts. A window well cover is a pivotal part of blocking debris from collecting in your window well. 

While these problems may seem like a hassle to deal with, they are all easy to prevent. Window well covers can easily provide some relief from the frustrations mentioned above. Whether you prefer a metal grate coveratrium style, or simple sloped cover, they can all help prevent common issues homeowners face with their window wells. Purchasing a window well cover is the optimal route versus trying to DIY your own cover. Buying a cover from a reliable company, such as Window Well Supply, will ensure that it fits perfectly and does not leave any gaping openings for pests, water, or debris to enter your well. 

No matter which route you choose, solutions to these common window well problems are available. You don’t have to monitor for fallen critters, discarded remains from your last landscaping effort, or flooding anymore!