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TuffWell Metal Egress Kit

$1,598.00 - $2,478.64
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$1,598.00 - $2,478.64
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TuffWell Metal Egress Kit

TuffWell Metal Egress Kit

$1,598.00 - $2,478.64
$1,598.00 - $2,478.64

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Purchasing a basement egress kit will provide you will all of the items you need to turn your basement into an egress compliant living area. Our kits provide IRC code-compliant items that meet or exceed the minimum requirements for window wells (minimum projection of 36"), window well cover, basement window, and ladder. Protect your family and ensure that your basement is up to code.

Choose from 4 finishings for your window well:

  • White
  • Galvanized metal
  • Stoneview
  • Sandalwood



Our Tuffwell window well is made of 19-gauge steel, and its unique corrugation pattern makes it the strongest steel well in the industry. The window well comes with flat, pre-punched flanges that allow for easy attachment to walls and frames. Additionally, our window well is designed to withstand the pressure of heavy clay/soil and aggressive backfilling.

DISCLAIMER: Window wells tend to bow during transit, so don't worry if your well is delivered and it's not identical to the displayed size. Once the well is installed correctly, the shape and size will look as advertised!


Our low profile sloped polycarbonate window well cover is the best window well cover on the market. With our .177" thick polycarbonate and aluminum bracing, your cover will have a load capacity of 500 lbs. Additionally, the polycarbonate is UV-Resistant and will prevent any yellowing. The cover comes with snap clips that attach it to the window well and can be removed from the inside or outside of the window well.


Our egress ladder will give you quick and easy acess in and out of your basement. It's deigned with hooks at the top that clip onto the window well.


Our in-swing casement basement window meets your needs by offering left- or right-hand installation. The window is 8 inches thick and comes in white. The window is a complete set that includes both the sash and screen.

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