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Wellcraft 2062 Window Well

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Wellcraft 2062 Window Well- Sandstone

Wellcraft 2062 Window Well

$1,548.00 - $1,728.00
$1,548.00 - $1,728.00

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The Series Single Unit Egress Wellcraft 2062 Window Wells is intended for use with the Egress Windows of up to 3 feet wide. These wellcraft window wells are great for providing exits from basements, while also letting in sunlight and creating a nice curb appeal for your yard. In case of a fire or other emergency, you will be able to escape quickly and easily from your basement with this Window Well Supply system. Be sure to pair it with the matching window well cover and sliding window to complete the system.


  • Designed for use with up to 3-foot wide egress windows
  • One piece construction makes the well durable and simple to install
  • Made with UV-protected Polyethylene


  • Height: 62" (at widest point of wall attachment)
  • Depth: 37.5" (from exterior wall to stepladder)
  • Width: 49" (at widest point of wall attachment)
  • Ladder Width: 12"
  • Square Footage: 9.29 Sq. Ft.

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