What's the Purpose of Window Wells?

December 1, 2021

What's the Purpose of Window Wells?

Many homes with basements have window wells. Some areas require homeowners to have window wells that meet a minimum requirement. There are many window well types, such as metalfiberglass, and egress compliant window wells. However, they encompass many of the same benefits. But what's the purpose of window wells? The provide sunlight, a quick escape in event of an emergency, and help waterproof your basement. 


This is the most obvious benefit of having a window well. Window wells allow sunlight to enter your otherwise dark and drab basement. A window alone will not offer as much natural light as a basement window paired with a window well. 

Escape route

Window wells provide space for adults, children, and pets to quickly exit a home if there is an emergency. This is why many areas mandate sixes for window wells, to ensure that any person has a way of exiting a basement quickly. This is why keeping your window well free of weeds and maintaining it's quality is important.


Window wells serve a practical purpose in steps to waterproof your basement. The ground surrounding your basement window is constantly damp and moist, but installing a window well can help create space between your home's foundation and the damp earth. 

Maintaining your window wells is key to utilize the key purposes of your window wells. If they become overgrown with weeds, cracked or rusted, or do not properly fit, the benefits of having window wells become limited.