What Purpose Does a Window Well Serve?
What Purpose Does a Window Well Serve?

Window wells are your home’s forgotten heroes. Ensuring that your basement gets plenty of light while keeping out all sorts of unpleasantness, windows work every day to keep your house safe, secure, and trouble-free. But what are the specific duties of a window well, and how can you ensure they stay in good shape for years to come? Read on to answer the question, what purpose does a window well serve?

Let the Sunshine In

The chief purpose of basement windows is to let natural sunlight pour into a space that would other be dark and dank. Unfortunately, your basement windows are built below grade level (that is, underground), and a window that opens up to a wall of dirt does no one any good. Window wells provide a slight expanse of space that brings in even more light. They’re dug just deep and wide enough—and are set back enough—to let that light in without interfering with your home’s perimeter or profile.

A Means of Escape

It likely hasn’t occurred to you—and hopefully, it’ll never happen—but if you were trapped in the basement because a fire was raging overhead or a tornado leveled the top floors, how would you get out? That’s right: the window wells. Basement windows and window wells follow building codes that specify how tall, wide, and deep they must be to permit residents to escape in case of an emergency. Some particularly deep window wells are even equipped with escape ladders. Incidentally, window wells aren’t just for you to get out, but they also provide a place for emergency service providers to get in and help.

Keeping Out Water, Dirt, and Critters

By keeping the earth far from the windows, window wells and their walls prevent water in the ground from entering your basement. Soil and water can eventually and subtly force their way in since they’re pressing against the foundation and the windows’ seams. Window well walls and liners keep the soil and water back but also make it harder for warmth- and food-seeking vermin to work their way in.

How Can You Help Your Window Wells Help You?

Help out your wells by ensuring the walls are intact and free from rust or damage. Replace the walls if they’re damaged and consider having a concrete well poured for a more permanent solution. Ensure the windows are freshly caulked and sealed. Repair any holes or cracks that could allow water to enter the foundation and get in the basement. Contact a window well company such as Window Well Supply Company to have a window well cover replaced or installed. You’ll be able to keep rain, snow, leaves, and plants out while also preventing people, pets, and wild animals from falling in. Easily placed plastic and fiberglass models are available, but you can also purchase stronger and more secure window well cover from us.


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